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Student Story: Eye on Design Around the World

John Uzee got his Master’s in Architecture from Tulane University in New Orleans. He spent 27 unique and successful years with ADD Inc, a architecture, interior design, planning, and branding firm; he even starting the firm’s branding wing himself! Ever since he retired from ADD Inc, he has given many guest lectures at UW Madison. When he is not helping UW students, he travels the world, not only to admire the beauty, but to take notes with a design eye.

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The “Icing” on the DNA: Xuehua Zhong uses plants to study epigenetics

Xuehua Zhong, an assistant professor of genetics, studies epigenetics, a growing area of research focused on how chemical tags on DNA can change the expression of genes. She and her team at the Zhong Lab of Epigenetic Regulation, located at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, are especially interested in the modification of genes involved in growth and development, and how epigenetics can be affected by the changing environment.

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Everyone’s Right to Language Access

Long before he began working as a bilingual associate educator for the Minneapolis Public Schools, UW-Madison alumnus Dominic Ledesma knew the importance of language learning. Ledesma always viewed language learning as a life-long commitment that required passion and responsibility. It wasn’t until he saw the impact of language learning on other people, however, that he realized the importance of language access.

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