8 UW-Madison students receive U.S. State Department Critical Language Scholarships

Eight students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have been awarded a U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) to study critical needs languages during the summer of 2015.

These students are among approximately 550 U.S. undergraduate and graduate students nationally selected to participate in the 2015 program. CLS participants will spend seven to 10 weeks in intensive language institutes this summer in 13 countries to study Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bangla, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Indonesian, Japanese, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Turkish, and Urdu.

The participating UW-Madison students, with language and host country, are:

  • Nicholas Zeller, Chinese, in Dalian, China
  • Shannyn Kitchen, Indonesian, in Malang, Indonesia
  • Lydia Greve, Urdu, in Lucknow, India
  • Leah Shapiro, Turkish, in Ankara, Turkey
  • Leah Tarabour, Hindi, in Jaipur, India
  • Alex Lenser, Chinese, in Suzhou, China
  • Michael Cypert, Chinese, in Suzhou, China
  • Elizabeth Sebo, Hindi, in Jaipur, India
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