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Erin Hoy, DAAD Young Ambassador

Erin Hoy is a UW-Madison student studying Neurobiology and German. While studying abroad in Germany she was nominated to be a DAAD Young Ambassador. Young Ambassadors are undergraduate students from North America that recently studied abroad in Germany and promote study in Germany at their home universities with help from the DAAD. Below is a testimonial from Erin about her experiences.

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UW Student Teaches English During Internship Abroad

My name is Zack Borzick; I’m a senior at UW-Madison majoring in English with emphasis on Linguistics and Communication and I’m also earning a certificate in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language). I have always wanted to teach, and pursued it throughout college by teaching volunteer classes and tutoring with GUTS, the Greater University Tutoring Service. This summer I had the unique opportunity to teach abroad for a paid internship in Xi’an, China.

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Best vacation ever—thanks to Continuing Studies Italian classes

When Continuing Studies’ Barbara Nehls-Lowe learned Tagalog, she was living in the Philippines, serving in the Peace Corps. Then she returned to the U.S., where learning a language was much harder. For years she studied Spanish, which is useful for her work with the Wisconsin HIV Outreach Project, but she never found her way. Things changed when she signed up for Continuing Studies language courses.

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