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UW Advance helps doctoral students from China learn and grow in Madison

When 33 PhD students from China’s Nanjing Agricultural University enrolled in the UW Advance program, they knew they’d get to discuss exciting ideas with faculty, researchers, and graduate students at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. This was their first taste of the Wisconsin Idea, the notion that the university’s knowledge should extend beyond the classroom, benefiting people around the world.

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Language summit draws reps from business, education, healthcare, and government

If 10 years ago you had asked Mark Tyler, president of OEM Fabricators, what cultural knowledge and language skills his company would need to expand onto a global market, he probably would have laughed.

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Everyone’s Right to Language Access

Long before he began working as a bilingual associate educator for the Minneapolis Public Schools, UW-Madison alumnus Dominic Ledesma knew the importance of language learning. Ledesma always viewed language learning as a life-long commitment that required passion and responsibility. It wasn’t until he saw the impact of language learning on other people, however, that he realized the importance of language access.

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Language Institute Recognized by the Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers

At its annual meeting on November 3, the Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers (WAFLT) awarded the Language Institute the 2017 Anthony H, Gradisnik Award for Outstanding Contributions to World Language Learning and Global Studies. The nomination for the award cited “the dedication and passion the Institute puts into everything they do, whether in research, curricular development, or community outreach in languages, literatures, and cultures.” The Institute’s K-12 outreach initiatives, led by Assistant Director Wendy Johnson, were highlighted as particularly exceptional initiatives for supporting language learning among high school students throughout the state.

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Erin Hoy, DAAD Young Ambassador

Erin Hoy is a UW-Madison student studying Neurobiology and German. While studying abroad in Germany she was nominated to be a DAAD Young Ambassador. Young Ambassadors are undergraduate students from North America that recently studied abroad in Germany and promote study in Germany at their home universities with help from the DAAD. Below is a testimonial from Erin about her experiences.

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UW Student Teaches English During Internship Abroad

My name is Zack Borzick; I’m a senior at UW-Madison majoring in English with emphasis on Linguistics and Communication and I’m also earning a certificate in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language). I have always wanted to teach, and pursued it throughout college by teaching volunteer classes and tutoring with GUTS, the Greater University Tutoring Service. This summer I had the unique opportunity to teach abroad for a paid internship in Xi’an, China.

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