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Ambassador Almino Talks About Unique Ties Between Brazil and UW-Madison

MADISON – Brazil’s rising prominence and influence on the international stage in recent years has captured the attention of a growing number of American universities.

At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, meanwhile, the interest in Brazil has much deeper roots, with activities and interactions dating back more than 60 years. The recognition of Brazil’s recent ascendance led to the launch of the Brazil Initiative in April 2009.

“The University of Wisconsin in Madison is a perfect choice for Brazil, for what the university represents, for its tradition in Brazilian studies and for having some key people who are really interested in strengthening these ties with Brazil,” says Ambassador João Almino, Brazil’s consul general in Chicago.

Almino, best known in Brazil as a political scholar and novelist, recently made his sixth visit since 2008 to Madison, where the Division of International Studies presented him with a Global Citizen Award, to honor his efforts to strengthen the university’s ties with Brazil.  While here, he spoke about Brazil, its relations with the United States, and its connections with UW-Madison.

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