Mission, Vision, and Values


We lead campus efforts to cultivate international scholarship and engagement, promote global awareness, and prepare students for a diverse and interconnected world.

The International Division accomplishes this by:

  • Providing leadership and assistance to all schools and colleges in their efforts to build international education into teaching and research and fostering cooperation and collaboration among schools and colleges.
  • Advising faculty and programs on fundraising from foundations, government agencies, and alumni; and representing UW-Madison in state, national and international education associations.
  • Helping to facilitate the campus-wide and public distribution of information on international topics, and collaborating with University Communications staff on producing and disseminating international news from campus.
  • Preparing agreements with international entities, advising on viable forms of institutional cooperation including academic exchanges, managing selected campus-wide initiatives, and coordinating many overseas visits and on-campus visits from abroad.
  • Managing selected campus units, administering campus-level international initiatives on behalf of the Chancellor and the Provost, and supporting cross-regional research on global and international issues.
  • Managing study abroad programs available to students, primarily undergraduate, campus-wide through International Academic Programs (IAP) and International Internship Program (IIP); advising other campus schools and colleges on study abroad program development and management.


Our vision is best expressed through the perceptions of our key stakeholders. With this as the context, our three-year vision for the International Division is:

  • Faculty will see the division as the primary campus unit dedicated to supporting international teaching and research, and coordinating related outreach opportunities.
  • Students will see the division and its programs as the gateway to internationalizing their UW-Madison experience, fostering their development as global citizens and providing access to high-quality experiences abroad.
  • Staff members will see the division as a unit that encourages and supports professional growth and development for all.
  • Alumni will take pride in and be inspired by the division’s commitment to internationalization, excellence, innovation, learning, scholarship and service, and become more engaged and contribute to the success of these international initiatives.
  • Community members will recognize the division as a central campus resource for accessible international knowledge and cultural information, and as a focal point at UW–Madison for increasing global understanding and competitiveness.


  • International engagement, teaching and research as key dimensions of a world-class university.
  • Access for all UW–Madison students to international experiences that enrich the lives of participants and foster their development as global citizens.
  • Cross-campus collaboration as essential for the effective internationalization of the university.
  • Diversity and inclusivity in the work place, and the exploration and appreciation of cultural differences.
  • Effective stewardship of our financial and human resources.
  • Excellence in the work we perform and services we provide.


Today, the boundaries of our campus extend to places around the world, where UW–Madison is making a difference. In support of The Wisconsin Idea, the International Division seeks to promote and facilitate efforts to deepen and expand UW-Madison’s relevance by demonstrating how the university’s global expertise and relationships can benefit local communities, people and the state.