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  • New Major Improves Student Prep for Global Health Field

    The past year has shone an intense spotlight on public health efforts all over the world. Their complexity, their interconnectedness, and their importance have never been more apparent as they have been during a global …

  • Six-Legged Livestock Could Solve Food Shortages — Sustainably

    In the Midwest, we’re used to seeing big fields dotted with cattle and steel barns bustling with broiler chickens. Beef, poultry, and pork are common in our daily meals, whether mixed in pasta or placed …

  • A Taste of Many Cultures

    How does the American ideal of healthy eating exclude other cultures? That was the question posed to students by instructor Erika Anna BS’13 in a creative writing exercise called “six-word stories.” “Eurocentric diets promoted over others’ …

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