Yu’s work performed at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, reviewed by Dancing Times

UW-Madison’s Jin-Wen Yu presented “Fine, Without Me/You?” in the Dance-Forms 74th International Choreographers’ Showcase in August. The performance was part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world.

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Ugandan Coffee Leads to International Internship Opportunities

If you can build professional connections over a single cup of coffee, imagine what you can do with an entire coffee company. Partnering with the National Union of Coffee Agribusinesses & Farm Enterprises (NUCAFE), a Ugandan coffee company, has allowed Carly Stingl, advisor and program coordinator for UW–Madison’s International Internship Program (IIP), to forge new connections and offer professional opportunities for undergraduates. Continue reading

Fish-Harnack Lecture: Civil Liberties Advocate To Discuss Upholding America’s Promise

Farhana Khera has been a strong presence in advocating to ensure civil liberties for Americans of all religious and cultural backgrounds. At the frontlines in fights against religious and racial profiling in the face of the Patriot Act, Khera has represented the interests of oppressed communities on the national stage, ensuring their voices are heard. Continue reading

Internships in Africa offer “priceless knowledge,” say undergrads

This summer, students from UW-Madison headed to all corners of the African continent to complete internships. The African Studies Program talked to two interns about their experiences in South Africa and Uganda, and why other undergraduates should consider applying for internships in Africa this spring.

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Athletic Training students gain valuable experiences through summer internships

Students at UW-Madison have the qualifications to compete for some of the top internships around the country. Like their colleagues from across campus, several students with the Department of Kinesiology’s Athletic Training Program used their summer break to gain real-world work experiences – while also having a lot of fun.

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