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UW: Passport To the World

UW Passport to the worldThe University of Wisconsin–Madison is a world-class institution that provides an outstanding launching pad for students to explore the world, regardless of area of study.

Many UW–Madison students begin their journey on campus—by studying world regions, cultures and languages. Then, more than 2,000 each year advance their academic studies and enhance their personal growth by choosing from a wide selection of international experiences—including study abroad, international internships, and research abroad, ranging from one week to a full year.

It’s never too early for students to begin internationalizing their UW experience; here are links to some of the opportunities available.

Plan before enrolling

  • The Wisconsin International Scholars (WIScholars) Program, an undergraduate honors enrichment program, brings together students from a variety of disciplines and majors who are interested in global affairs, cultures, and languages: www.intlscholars.wisc.edu/
  • First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) enable freshmen to meet peers with similar interests – including international subjects – and connect with faculty in small seminar environments: www.figs.wisc.edu/

Get Started on Campus

  • The interdisciplinary International Studies Major offers three areas of specialization (Global Security, Politics and Policy in the Global Economy, Culture in an Age of Globalization): ismajor.wisc.edu/
  • The Global Cultures Program, an interdisciplinary certificate program, draws on a rich array of area studies and comparative studies courses to engage students in thinking about cultures: globalcultures.wisc.edu
  • Study another language. UW-Madison offers renowned expertise in languages spanning Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia: http://languages.wisc.edu/
  • Learn about different regions of the world. The International Institute houses a range of programs and academic certificates that focus on various regions of the world: www.intl-institute.wisc.edu/
  • Faculty and students come together in the International Learning Community (ILC), a residential program designed to enhance foreign language skills and foster critical understanding of world cultures: www.housing.wisc.edu/residencehalls-lc-ilc.htm
  • Meet students from other countries: BRIDGE, offered through International Student Services (iss.wisc.edu/), helps to connect international and U.S. students:  www.iss.wisc.edu/bridge/

Explore the World Beyond

  • International Academic Programs (IAP) offers more than 200 study abroad programs that serve students across a broad range of academic needs and personal preferences, including programs in Education, Global Health and Human Ecology: www.studyabroad.wisc.edu/
  • The International Internship Program (IIP) helps students find high-quality internships that provide valued work experience in international settings:  internships.international.wisc.edu/
  • In the Washington, DC Semester in International Affairs, a fall semester program, undergraduates work in an international affairs-focused internship and attend seminars with prominent speakers and distinguished UW-Madison alumni who work in professional, academic, and diplomatic fields: internships.international.wisc.edu/washington-dc-internship/

Several schools and colleges offer specialized study abroad and other international opportunities, including:

 To Chart Your Path, Talk to an Advisor

The Center for International Advising provides guidance to help students explore international opportunities on campus and around the world:  www.intl-institute.wisc.edu/advising.htm

International Academic Programs offers advising on study abroad: www.studyabroad.wisc.edu