Meet Mandy Chan: Chinese Student Shares Benefits of Studying at UW–Madison

Mandy Chan
Mandy Chan

Mandy [Sioman] Chan grew up in Macau, China. She came to UW-Madison in 2008 to study computer engineering. Mandy has worked in UW–Madison’s Division of International Studies’ communications office for the past year. This summer, she traveled back to China to intern at Companhia de Electricidade in her hometown of Macau. She works there as a trainee in the Information Services department, handling the intranet and working on database migration.

Why did you choose to come to the US to study?

Growing up in Macau, such a multicultural place, made me always want to know more about the other cultures and meet people from difference backgrounds. Especially in this era of globalization, I believe being international and knowing more about other cultures will be very helpful in my career. Coming to the US gives me the opportunity to reach out to diverse people who are eager to accept different cultures. Even though I am a foreigner, I have never felt excluded here.

Why UW–Madison?

It is one of the best public universities in the US. It has a very good educational quality that prepares me well for my career. It is a beautiful school that teaches me how to appreciate nature and how to relax myself and enjoy life. I can also fully experience the American culture here.

What are some of your favorite things about Madison and the university?

The people. They are very nice and understanding.

Freedom of dressing. Dress however you like – nobody in Madison judges you on your appearance.

Mandy Chan
Mandy Chan

How do you think your educational experience would have been different in China compared to here?

The educational level in China and the US is very close – both have very high standards. However, I think studying in the US gives me the opportunity to grow up and to learn to be

independent. If I were studying in China, I would have gone home regularly and I would have never learned to cook Chinese food because eating out is so convenient!

Are you using what you’ve learned at UW–Madison in your internship?

Definitely. My internship covers many computer fields including networking, server installation, application uses, database structure, etc. The computer and engineering classes I took at UW–Madison provided me with very good and helpful background in all of these fields. Even the programming languages that I learned in class that do not apply to this job still help with logical thinking.

Mandy Chan
Mandy Chan

My supervisor has given me the opportunity to hold lectures to teach my colleagues Web design. The technical communication classes that I took at UW–Madison are very useful in both writing the reports and doing the presentations.

Do you think you will return to China to work after your studies? Why?

Very possibly since the computer industry is growing rapidly there. However, wherever there is an opportunity is where I will be.

What advice would you give a Chinese student coming to study at UW–Madison?

Value your time at UW–Madison. Appreciate your parents/family as they provide you with the opportunity to be here.