A Rose is a Rose is a Ruusu is a Shoshana

As an international leader in foreign language education, at UW-Madison the Roju Bol (that’s Rose Bowl in Korean) is part of the global conversation. With instruction available in over 80 modern and ancient languages, Madison students have ample opportunities to learn about roses and bowls and sports and much more in an international context.

“At UW-Madison, we offer the tools to be able to say the word “rose” from A(rabic) to Z(ulu),” said Gilles Bousquet, vice provost for globalization. “Foreign language instruction is an integral part of what we do.”

In honor of the Rose Bowl as an event appreciated around the world, UW-Madison foreign language faculty offered a linguistic spin on a well-known phrase.

“A rose is a rose is a …

ورد (Arabic)

Gutsayosdi (Cherokee)

玫瑰 (Chinese)

Ruža (Croatian)

Ruusu (Finnish)

une Rose (French)

eine Rose (German)

Shoshana (Hebrew)

गुलाब (Hindi)

バラ (Japanese)

장미꽃 (Korean)

Róża (Polish)

Роза (Russian)

Ружа (Serbian)

Rosa (Spanish/Italian/Portuguese)

Waridi (Swahili)

กุหลาบ (Thai)

Gül (Turkish)

רױז (Yiddish)

Imbali (Zulu)

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