Wisconsin’s reputation as a leading producer and innovator in the dairy industry does not stop at the borders of the state. Even beyond international boundaries, the word “Wisconsin” is synonymous with “dairy.”

That has been the experience of Kazutoshi Ueno BS’85, founder of eAnimal Company, a Japan-based business specializing in feed products designed to increase the health and performance of cows, pigs, chickens, and even fish. Through eAnimal, Ueno consults with clients across Japan, providing input on farm management and efficiency practices and offering essential nutrients through colostrum-derived products.

Ueno imports the colostrum (the milk that cows produce in the first few days after giving birth) from the U.S., where it is more affordable and available in abundance. The products themselves deliver immune protection to livestock such as cattle, pigs, and chickens. Since calves and piglets are born without immune protections, the products lay a foundation for the long-term health of the animals.

“The most important way to make a livestock business high-performing is to make sure animals are healthy,” says Ueno, who majored in agricultural and applied economics while at CALS. “The animals have to perform for the farmers to stay in business. Ensuring that they are healthy and perform well is my role in this industry.”

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