Analyzing an ‘Erie’ algae similarity with Kenya’s Kisumu Bay

When spring comes around, freeing Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin, from its annual deep freeze, Paul Block and his students study the season’s climate conditions to predict what summer has in store for the lake.

Max Beal, a civil and environmental engineering PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is part of that group. Now he’s taking lessons learned in his hometown of Madison to a similar lake more than 7,800 miles away. Beal is going to Kisumu Bay, on the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria in Africa, under a National Science Foundation funded advanced studies program. Beal is one of 10 U.S. students participating in the program who will travel to Kenya for three weeks in June 2022 to study algal blooms on the lake. They’ll meet with 10 Kenyan students to develop research projects to study algal blooms in Lake Erie and Lake Victoria […]

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