Bonn short term Grad student application: extended deadline

Extended deadline for UW-Bonn University graduate student short term fellowships:

Wednesday, April 13
12:00 NOON

The University of Bonn, Germany will offer several short-term awards to UW–Madison advanced graduate students who wish to pursue independent research under the guidance of a senior faculty member at University of Bonn. Awards range anywhere from 1 to 5 months of research; dissertation projects are preferred. Short term awards cannot begin until January, 2017; summer research is possible and would be for summer 2017. Although there is no general minimum language skills requirement, German skills should be commensurate with the needs of the project.

Graduate students can submit applications for research for up to 5 months of research in one month increments. It is important to have identified key faculty and resources at Bonn University, although affiliation does not have to be finalized. If you have any questions about the competition and application process, please contact Erin Crawley, Christina Timpernagel,, at Uni Bonn is available to help advise on contacts. Go here for application instructions:

About the University of Bonn: This research university is considered one of Europe’s top institutes of higher education. Traditionally, UW–Madison applicants have come primarily from the humanities and social sciences, but in recent years we have had successful applicants in STEM fields. Bonn is recognized as a leader in mathematics, physics, chemistry, pharmaceutical research, and life- and neurosciences, with strengths also in an international computer sciences program.