[Cap Times] Uprising in Egypt Launched Journalism Career of Recent UW-Madison Grad

The Cap Times

“Uprising in Egypt Launched Journalism Career of Recent UW-Madison Grad” by Todd Finkelmeyer


People around the globe took notice of the Egyptian revolution earlier this year.

Anna Therese Day was on the ground in Cairo following it all.

A 2010 graduate of UW–Madison, Day covered the uprising — which led to the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Feb. 11 following more than two weeks of protests and public pressure — as a freelance journalist for a number of media outlets.

The 23-year-old Day grew up in Boise, Idaho, moved to the Chicago suburb of Killdeer, Ill. for middle school, and came to UW–Madison for college, where she majored in political science and communications, with minors in Middle East studies, gender and women’s studies, and education policy and leadership.

“I think a liberal arts degree — just as much as a degree in journalism — can be incredibly valuable to a career in journalism,” says Day. “It really helps you develop a critical mind — that is pivotal to what I do.”

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