[CHE] Partnerships Link American and Iraqi Universities in Rebuilding Efforts

The Chronicle of Higher Education (July 8, 2010)  — “Partnerships Link American and Iraqi Universities in Rebuilding Efforts”

A new State Department program seeks to build on the lessons learned from past missteps and involve Iraqi universities as equal partners in their revitalization. The U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Christopher R. Hill, described the project, known as the university-linkages program, to American and Iraqi educators at a conference in Baghdad last week to mark the program’s inauguration.

The program consists of partnerships between five American institutions and five universities in Iraq that will focus on curriculum review, the development of online courses, real-time instruction via videoconferencing, career development, and faculty, staff, and student exchanges.

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NB: In 2009, UW-Madison entered into a relationship with Tikrit University in Iraq.