UW China task force issues final report

Statement from Vice Provost and Dean Guido Podestá, of the UW-Madison Division of International Studies:

We regard engagement with China and the surrounding region to be of critical importance to the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the state of Wisconsin. Our university has long ties to this region, reflected in many ways. UW–Madison has many faculty and staff with China-related experience and expertise, and many others who have come here from China. China is the leading country of origin for international students studying on our campus, and the second most popular study abroad destination for our students.

UW–Madison must be engaged in China in multiple ways that best serve the institutional objectives of the university and the broad interests of the state of Wisconsin. Our engagement must be strategic and sustainable, making the best use of our resources and maintaining sufficient flexibilities in order to respond to changes in the landscape and new opportunities that arise.

With that in mind, then-Provost Paul DeLuca appointed a task force earlier this year to address the following charge:

  • Identify priority areas for possible China-related programming and engagement that would allow for an assessment of current activities.
  • Provide direction to help ensure the most efficient and effective organizational structure for China-related programming at UW–Madison.
  • Provide advice to help guide UW–Madison’s current and future presence in China.
  • Report all findings and recommendations to the Provost and Vice Provost/Dean of International Studies.

The Task Force to Evaluate University of Wisconsin–Madison Presence and Involvement in China recently completed its work and submitted its final report. I want to express my appreciation to the faculty and staff members for the time, effort, and diligence that they invested in this task. I particularly want to acknowledge Professor Rob Howell, who chaired the task force.

I will be working closely with Provost Sarah Mangelsdorf to review the recommendations of the task force to determine how we should move forward.

To view the complete report, click here: China Task Force 2014 Final Report