Deadline Today: G20 Economic Summit Simulation

Saturday, February 28, 2009, Tripp Commons, Memorial Union

Take part in an exciting, interactive, global role-playing game on the UW-Madison campus: the G20 Economic Summit. Players will simulate the dynamics of global partnerships as representatives of various world countries and will grapple with issues of economic development and environmental protection. Rules and protocols used by world leaders during meetings of the real-life World Economic Forum will be followed. Progress will depend on application of up-to-the-minute information and creativity of the players. The ultimate goal will be a final resolution or conference statement hammered out through discussion, debate, and compromise.

No specialized knowledge or prior training is necessary, although participants will be expected to prepare by reading a set of short briefing materials. All UW-Madison students are eligible to apply. But hurry; enrollment will be capped at 100 and the application deadline is Friday, February 13!

The event is free and will include morning coffee, pastries, and lunch.

Sponsors of the G20 Summit are: Center for Business Education and Research, Division of International Studies, Global Studies, International Academic Programs, International Learning Community, International Student Services, International Academic Programs, International Studies Major, WUD-Global Connections.

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