Eight UW–Madison Graduate Students Receive Scott Kloeck-Jenson Travel Award

Global Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison has awarded the Scott Kloeck Jenson Award to eight outstanding graduate students whose work will deepen international understanding and global social justice concerns.

The grants given to the eight students are in memory of Scott Kloeck-Jenson and his family. Scott was completing doctoral work on rural poverty in Mozambique province of Zambezia with his family on a Fulbright scholarship. There, he was also the field director for the Land Tenure Center’s Mozambique project. He was due to return to the United States in January 2000 to complete his dissertation with UW–Madison but, tragically, on June 23, 1999, Scott, his wife, Barbara, and their two children, Zoe and Noah, were killed in a car accident in South Africa.

Upon his death in 1999, his remaining fellowship funds and contributions from Scott’s family and friends were pooled to support UW–Madison graduate students. That same year, Global Studies named its annual Summer Travel Grants Program in memory of Scott and has since diligently worked to raise appropriate funds for graduate students competing for the Scott Kloeck-Jenson Award.

To date, 65 UW–Madison students have received the Scott Kloeck-Jenson award.

The following graduate students will conduct their studies in the memory of Scott and his family with their work on social justice issues around the world this summer: Catherine Sikubwabo Honeyman (Educational Policy Studies), Erika Robb (Anthropology), Huai-Hsuan Chen, (Cultural Anthropology), Joseph Harris (Sociology), Karin Butterworth (Cultural Anthropology), Kristen Molyneaux (Educational Policy Studies), Özlem Altiok, Sociology and Rural sociology), and Sarbani Chakraborty (Curriculum and Instruction).

For more information on the Scott Kloeck-Jenson Fellowships please visit global.wisc.edu/skj/

Contact: Steve Smith, Global Studies, University of Wisconsin–Madison, (608) 262-0646, sksmith@wisc.edu