First Ouisconsin Field Research Scholarship Awarded – Congrats, Kelly Jakes!

The Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) France Chapter named Kelly Jakes, PhD Candidate in UW–Madison’s Department of Communication Arts, its first Ouisconsin scholar, on Friday, April 2. This new needs-based scholarship will be given annually to a UW student to conduct field research in France, with a goal to enhance his or her global competence. The award complements the WAA-France Chapter’s sustained efforts to support scholars working between the UW–Madison and France.

During the fall 2010 semester, Jakes will use the $3,000 award to conduct field research on the rhetoric function of the popular music culture that flourished in Occupied France during World War II. She will conduct research in several archives and resource centers in Paris and Lyon, including Radio-Paris, the French National Police Archives, and the Center for the History of the Resistance and Deportation.