Fulbright profile: Discovering European cities through printmaking

Galen Gibson-Cornell, a graduating MFA student who specializes in printmaking and lithography at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, will travel to Budapest, Hungary on a Fulbright scholarship for a project titled “Urban Portrait of Budapest,” which continues his focus on posters tagged to walls.

“Budapest was just this fascinating city for me. I had known about it for quite awhile and I had this romantic view of it,” he says. “When I went there, I really felt something alive in the city walls—it sounds kind of cheesy but—there was this optimism in the city. I had been reading about the countries in the Soviet Bloc that had been beaten down emotionally. I found the exact opposite in Budapest.”

Gibson-Cornell already has received a warm welcome from Budapest’s printmaking community. While working on this project, he will intern in the well-known screen-printing shop called PRINTA and attend the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

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