Krystle Campbell, simulation center manager of the UW Health Clinical Simulation Program, received a Visiting Scholar Grant to host Tewodros Haile from Addis Ababa University School of Medicine. During Haile’s visit, UW Health will collaborate with Addis Ababa to demonstrate how simulation can be effectively integrated into medical educational efforts and quality assurance measures and support the improvement of patient outcomes.

Simulation is of great interest to developing countries because it fills a need to deliver effective education to growing medical schools, as is the case in Ethiopia, Campbell says. In many developing countries, medical schools are addressing the shortage of medical providers by expanding their class size. This increase, however, has left a shortage in bedside teaching opportunities and clinical instructors’ time for teaching.

“GHI funding for our project means that (UW Health) is able to provide a unique experience for our passionate colleagues at Addis Ababa University wishing to expand their simulation program,” Campbell says. “We hope by the end of this partnership, we will have provided AAU the proper tools, knowledge, and experience in simulation to be self-sustainable. We also hope to use this experience to refine our program’s partnership paradigm and disseminate it to help other interested sites be successful in future partnership endeavors.”

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