Global Studies announces WI-Global

Global Studies and the Offices of the Dean of Students are pleased to announce the creation of WI-Global, a program designed to engage UW-Madison undergraduates in issues related to globalization and its impact on the world’s communities and cultures as well as on systems of governance, exchange, and education. WI-Global has two different components, both of which offer prizes each semester for best contribution.

The WI-Global Forum is an online discussion for UW-Madison undergraduates on contemporary global topics and their relevance to and impact on local communities. The discussion will take place on the WI-Global Forum site where additional details (rules for participation, information on prizes awarded, calendar, etc) can be found. Any UW-Madison undergraduate, regardless of major, may participate in the WI-Global Forum, but must first register both with Blogger and with WI-Global. The inaugural discussion for Spring 2008 will be on world music.

The WI-Global Paper Award is designed to encourage and recognize academic excellence in the area of global studies, as well as to recognize our faculty’s efforts in training students as global citizens. Two awards will be given each semester for papers written for a Global Studies course. (Faculty members: to have a course considered for inclusion on the Global Studies course list, please complete the course submission form.) Professors of Global Studies courses may nominate one paper. The deadline for nomination for the Spring 2008 award is Friday, 23 May 2008.

Much more information available at: