Gorgas Memorial Institute Research Award Application Due: October 15

Background: The Gorgas  Memorial Institute of Tropical and Preventive Medicine (GMI) was named for General William Crawford Gorgas, the  U.S. Army physician (later Surgeon General) who managed  control efforts of yellow fever, malaria and other  diseases during the building of the Panama Canal.  The GMI has a  long history of fostering research and disease control  in Panama and Central America.  Since moving to  new headquarters at the William Gorgas Center for Geographic Medicine  in the University of Alabama at Birmingham, GMI is continuing to  pursue its goal of fostering research and training in  tropical disease problems through support of  collaborations between investigators working within this  region and in the United  States.  To this end, the  GMI will sponsor and manage awards, to be awarded by the  American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, to  fund collaborative investigations, as well as short-term  visits of young investigators between research  institutions within the Americas and the  United  States.

Eligibility: Applicants  should have Ph.D. or M.D. level training in a relevant  field.   Exceptions may be made for outstanding candidates  with demonstrated equivalent expertise.  They should be  citizens or permanent residents of the  Americas, and  hold a position at a research, medical, public health or  teaching institution in that country.  The applicant  must have the endorsement of the home institution in  order to participate in this program.  Award applicants  are investigators in training or junior investigators  (and not established senior scientists) , although  exceptional cases may be considered.  Previous award  recipients will not be considered.   Regarding  direction of collaboration/travel, the award has no  restrictions, i.e. applicants can travel from a Disease  Endemic Country to the U.S. or  Canada, or from the  U.S.  or Canada to the  Disease Endemic Country, or between Disease Endemic  Countries. Financial  Arrangements:    Awards will  generally not exceed $10,500 to cover the total costs of  round-trip travel, housing and supplies required for a  project.   The number of awards made annually will be  contingent on availability of funds.  Awards will be  made directly to the applicant’s institution, and will  be monitored through the headquarters office and the GMI  Research Award Committee of the American Society of  Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. The award  allows for indirect costs of up to 8% to be assessed  against the total budget.  Funds cannot be  used to pay salary/stipend to the award  recipient.

Submit your  application on line via link beginning the week of September 14,  2009. Collect all  application materials prior to submitting them to the  online awards system.  Although you  will be able to edit your award submission prior to the  October 15 deadline, the submission process will be much  easier if you collect all application materials prior to  submission.


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