Henry Kissinger & the Seeds of the Contemporary Middle East Crisis

The Madison Committee on Foreign Relations invites you to our regular January 23 event, co-sponsored with WAGE, the UW-Madison Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy, for a discussion with: Jeremy Suri, Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison”Henry Kissinger and the Seeds of the Contemporary Middle East Crisis.”

Professor Suri likes to think of himself as bridging the worlds of social history and political history, exploring the interaction of ideas, personalities and institutions. In his latest book, published in 2007, Henry Kissinger and the American Century he shows that the current situation in the Middle East has deep roots in the diplomacy of Kissinger and his disciples. He argues that our understanding of the Middle East must be informed by an examination of these roots and the fact that Kissinger and his policies continue to operate in this area.

Suri’s first book, Power and Protest: Global Revolution and the Rise of Détente (2003) argues that superpower diplomacy is shaped by what is happening on the streets and that global forces help shape protest movements. “I firmly believe there’s a deep connection between what happens at the highest levels of elite policymaking and the lowest levels of daily ordinary behavior,” Suri was quoted in an article on his work as one of “America’s Young Innovators in the Arts and Science” in Smithsonian Magazine.

Professor Suri received his A.B in history from Stanford University, his M.A. in History from Ohio University and his Ph.D. in History from Yale University where his Dissertation was titled, “Convergent Responses to Disorder: Cultural Revolution and Détente among the Great Powers during the 1960s.”

Wednesday, January 23 at the Edgewater Rigadoon Room
5:30 PM – Doors open for cash bar and hors d’oeuvres
6:00 Sharp – Speaker presentation and discussion
7:00 Networking Reception

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