Higher education workshop collaboration with Peking University enters fifth year

“The U.S. and China need each other,” Blank said in her opening remarks at the fifth Peking University-University of Wisconsin Workshop on Higher Education. “And our universities need each other.  We both have things to bring to the table.  It is a bilateral relationship: we both need to educate our country’s top students to live and work in a global economy; we both need to create opportunities for our country’s top scholars to learn from each other and conduct research together.  And we have a long, shared history to build upon.”

PKU Group photo
Participants of the fifth Peking University-University of Wisconsin Workshop on Higher Education, held May 25-26 at Peking University’s Stanford Center, pose for a photo.

The School of Education’s Adam Nelson, a Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor with the Department of Educational Policy Studies, has helped organize this annual higher education workshop each year since its inception in 2015.

Blank commended China for investing in sending its students and researchers to the U.S., but noted that enhancing ties between the two countries will require “growth in the reputation and credibility of Chinese academic journals” and “a clearer understanding of one another’s expectations with regard to research ethics.”

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