Human Rights Course Development Grants

The Human Rights Initiative at the University of Wisconsin, Madison is pleased to sponsor new course development grants to further course offerings on human rights on campus. The grants will be available to tenure-track and tenured faculty in all disciplines. The purpose of the grants is to develop new human rights content, which can come in the form of new courses on human rights or in the form of modifying existing courses to have at least 25% human rights content. The grants are part of an effort to create a human rights certificate and thematic track in human rights, both offered through the International Studies Major.

The Human Rights Initiative is a new interdisciplinary project that seeks to stimulate teaching and research on human rights. An increasing number of undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty members are drawn to the study of human rights. However, there is little coordination of the diverse activities on campus. The Initiative intends to raise the profile of human rights-related research on campus and to foster greater intellectual dialogue on human rights issues. The Initiative’s general thematic focus is that of a broad, holistic vision of human rights, one that brings together civil and political rights as well as social and economic rights.

The Initiative is pleased to offer up to four course development grants, each for a total of $750. The new courses should be primarily oriented toward undergraduates. The funds are flexible and may be used to support the purchase of materials related to the preparation of the new course. Proposals for a course development grant should state clearly whether the course would be a new course offering or a modification of an existing course.

If interested, please submit a CV as well as a short description of the proposed course (up to one page in length). The proposal must be received by September 29, 2008. Notification will be by October 13, 2008. Recipients of grants should complete draft syllabi by April 1, 2009 and, if new courses, submit courses to the Secretary of the Faculty at the beginning of the Fall Semester.

Proposals and CVs should be submitted in duplicate to Scott Straus, Department of Political Science, 110 North Hall, 1050 Bascom Mall.

The funds for this project are generously provided by the Division of International Studies.

If you would like to stay informed about future activities of the Human Rights Initiative, please go to to be placed the HRI listserv.