In a Few Wor(l)ds: The World Literature/s Conference – December 3-5

In a Few Wor(l)ds: The World Literature/s Conference will happen December 3-5, in the Pyle Center located at 702 Langdon Street.  The keynote address, “World Literature in a Post-Literary Age” will be given by David Damrosch from Harvard University on Thursday, December 3 at 7 p.m. The event is free and open to the public.

National and International Speakers include:

* David Damrosch (Professor and Chair, Literature and Comparative Literature, Harvard University)
* Peter Höyng (Professor, German, Emory University)
* Djelal Kadir (Professor, Comparative Literature, Penn State University)
* Paulo de Medeiros (Professor, Portuguese and Comparative Literature, Utrecht University)
* Tania Roy (Assistant Professor, English and Comparative Literature, National University of Singapore)
* Azade Seyhan (Professor, German and Fairbanks Professor in the Humanities, Bryn Mawr College)
* Rebecca Walkowitz (Associate Professor, English and Center for Cultural Analysis, Rutgers University)

The conference is sponsored by the Institute for Research in the Humanities, Global Studies, Center for European Studies, German & European Studies, Center for the Humanities, and many others.