International Dean Frances Vavrus: A message of support following the disaster in Libya

To the entire UW-Madison community,

The past week has been devastating for the people of Northern Africa. Morocco experienced a powerful earthquake just days ago, and now torrential rain and the collapse of two dams in Libya has led to tremendous destruction and loss of life.

We share our profound sadness for the people of Libya as they grapple with this tragedy. As is so often the case in disasters of such significance, those impacted can be found around the world, including here in our own community. At UW–Madison, we have students, faculty, and staff with connections to Libya through family, friends, colleagues, and more.

We wish all who are impacted comfort and relief during this crisis. And we hope those in our own community know that campus resources are available to provide support.

  • University Health Services offers students both in-person and virtual counseling to help members of our UW community process the impact of this tragedy.
  • Additionally, there is space available in Pyle Center suite 130, International Services, for members of the campus community to gather in support of one another if needed.

As this tragedy continues to unfold over the coming days, I hope those impacted will rely on family, friends, and your support network here on campus. Please do not hesitate to reach out.



Frances Vavrus

Vice provost and dean, International Division