IRIS Centers host “Teaching About Ukraine” Webinar

The Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia (CREECA), in partnership with European Studies, and the Institute for Regional and International Studies National Resource Center (IRIS NRC), hosted “Teaching About Ukraine: Webinar for K-12 Educators,” Tuesday, May 10. The event featured UW–Madison political science, secondary education and sociology professors and covered key points in understanding events that led up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Union’s response to the war, forced displacement versus refugee status and the impact of social media on perception surrounding the conflict.

The webinar drew educators, primary school through graduate level, and provided a space for dialogue on the sensitive subjects surrounding the war. The largest discussion surrounded long-term impacts that might result from the conflict. The featured speakers identified potential impacts, with one speaker pointing toward energy exports. The speaker noted that this was an important moment for countries relying on Russian oil to consider what alternatives they can pivot towards. Another commented on a potential food insecurity crisis as Russia is not currently allowing grain export through the Black Sea. All acknowledged the impact on the believed 12 million who have fled Ukraine, the impact on the EU directly and on the global economy.