Islam Awareness Week

UW-MSA Presents…

Islam Awareness Week
April 13-18

Monday 4/13:

Islamic Cultural Bazaar, Chardbourne Main Lounge, 6:30-9:00 pm
Experience the Muslim World!

Tuesday 4/14:

Lecture: “Who Speaks for Islam?” Dalia Mogahead, Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, Morgidge Auditorium in Grainger Hall, 7:30 pm

Wednesday 4/15:

“Hijab for a Day” Come learn about the symbolic Muslim headscarf from a panel of Muslim speakers. Interested? Attend Monday or Tuesday’s events to borrow a headscarf yourself. Wear it around campus, and share your experiences! 7:00 pm, Memorial Union Great Hall

Thursday 4/16:

Movie Showing: “Traitor” Starring Don Cheadle. Carsons Upper Gulley in Lackshore. 7:30 pm. Free food!

Friday 4/17:

Stand up comedy and a movie with Aman Ali. End the week with a smile. Philips Lounge, Ogg Hall, 7:30 pm.

Saturday 4/18:

Help fight poverty by coming to the Orphan Sponsorship Dinner at the Eagle Heights Community Center, 6:00 pm, 611 Eagle Heights. $10/person, $30/family. Sponsored by UW-Project Dowtown and Islamic Relief.