Joe Elder gets sweet UW honor

UW-Madison’s Center for South Asia hosted an ice cream social on Thursday, September 4, 2014, for Joe Elder, the long-time professor of sociology who retired this year. Elder was honored with a special flavor of Babcock Hall Ice Cream — Joe Elderberry.

Honoring Elder with an ice cream social seemed fitting, since Elder has, for the last 10-plus years, hosted weekly ice cream socials for the students in the South Asia summer language program, footing the bill himself when other funds were unavailable.

In addition to the ice cream served at the social, some of the Joe Elderberry Ice Cream was given to the University Club to serve in his honor and, in line with Joe and Joann Elder’s values of social justice, batches of the special flavor were donated to two Madison food pantries to serve with meals.

Presenting Joe Elderberry Ice Cream.
Presenting Joe Elderberry Ice Cream.


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