[Law.com] Law Schools Get Serious About Globalization

Law.com — November 30, 2010

“Law Schools Get Serious About Globalization”

In the meantime, schools are launching their own programs intended to add international opportunities. Jindal has forged partnerships with three U.S. law schools during the past two months. The University of Wisconsin Law School announced in October that it is launching a new executive LL.M. with the East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai, making it the school’s third such partnership with an Asian institution this year.

Even law schools that have had a strong international focus for years are boosting their offerings with new programs and partnerships. For example, the University of Wisconsin Law School launched two executive LL.M. programs in collaboration with law schools in Thailand and Japan during the past year. Students spend one semester abroad and one semester in Wisconsin.

The school is adding a similar degree program in Shanghai. It has a variety of academic partnerships with law schools throughout Asia and sends J.D. students overseas on summer internships with law firms in Bangkok, Thailand, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. “If you spend your summer at a Madison or Milwaukee firm, you’re not going to see anything international,” said John Ohnesorge, director of Wisconsin’s East Asian Legal Studies Center.

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