Peace Corps at UW-Madison

To celebrate National Peace Corps Week, the University of Wisconsin–Madison held a series of activities during the first week of March to honor the work of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) and to learn more about the Peace Corps program at UW–Madison. The week was also intended to support new volunteers and provide information for those interested in the Peace Corps.

One highlight was the Peace Corps Send-Off Party, which took place on the evening of March 4. This was a unique opportunity for RPCVs and new volunteers to meet and learn more about their individual experiences and each other.

View a slide show from the Send-off Party.

Peace Corps also works with Division of International Studies to host an on-campus recruiter who provides information about the Peace Corps and who shares his personal experience as a volunteer with students. John Sheffy, a UW–Madison graduate student who served in Togo, West Africa is the current Peace Corps representative. He has recently moved to room 329 Ingraham Hall. He can be reached at 608-262-1121 or

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Read About a Current UW–Madison Alum Peace Corps Volunteer:

Adam Kelley (B.S. ’07 in elementary education and African American studies) is currently a Peace Corps volunteer, training teachers in a remote region of Uganda.

Article Excerpt: “I chose to join the Peace Corps because it afforded an opportunity to integrate into the community of my work,” he says. But he discovered that the Peace Corps emphasis on assimilating by adopting the local cultural norms, such as dress and behavior, isn’t always well-received.

“After a few months in the village, people pointed out my culturally appropriate clothing and mannerisms, questioning my authenticity,” he says. “People didn’t want to see a replica of themselves; they wanted to see my culture. They didn’t want me to mindlessly agree with everything they say and believe; they wanted discussion and questions.”