Pre-dissertation Travel Grants – Summer 2010: “Remaking the Developmental State”

Many analysts have argued that a rapidly changing global context has created new challenges for developing countries and for developmental states. Especially since the formation of the WTO, many of the strategies formerly used to promote economic growth and development seem problematic; policy-makers and scholars are increasingly asking what new strategies have worked, or might work, in today’s competitive global environment, to diversify and expand economic activities, or to promote social well-being.

As part of a larger effort aimed at rethinking what scholars have long termed ‘the developmental state,’  support is available for pre-dissertation travel in the summer of 2010, for up to six projects which critically examine innovative development strategies, or which explore obstacles and opportunities presented by a rapidly changing global context.

Applicants must be doctoral students in good standing at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Applicants should submit:

•    a short description of the project (not more than three double-spaced pages)
•    a preliminary travel budget and schedule of their planned trip
•    a cover letter detailing other sources of funding applied
•    CV and transcript of graduate coursework
•     names and email addresses of two on-campus faculty members who are familiar with the applicant’s work, and who will be willing to send in a letter of support by April 9, 2010 if asked to do so by the screening committee.

All materials should be submitted electronically by Monday, March 15, 2010 to:

“Remaking the Developmental State” Pre-dissertation Grant Committee
c/o Sumudu Atapattu
Global Legal Studies Center

This program is part of a research collaborative sponsored by the Global Legal Studies Center and the Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy (WAGE).  Successful applicants will be asked to present their work at future events organized by the research collaborative.  Details of the research collaborative are available.