Report Offers Advice for Colleges on Building International Partnerships [Chronicle of Higher Education]

A major new challenge facing the United States is the deterioration of positive relationships with several major regions of the world, according to a new report from the American Council on Education. The report, “International Partnerships: Guidelines for Colleges and Universities,” outlines considerations that institutions should take into account in building partnerships in that climate and provides sample agreements covering many types of partnerships.

The report was written by Jack Van de Water, a former dean of international programs at Oregon State University, and two council staff members: Madeleine F. Green, vice president for international initiatives, and Kim Koch, a program associate. It is the second working paper in the council’s series on higher education in a global context.

An earlier report in the series found that despite a growing consensus that it is important to educate students about different countries and cultures, colleges were making “uneven progress” in their efforts to internationalize their campuses. Charles Huckabee for The Chronicle of Higher Education