Scott Kloeck-Jenson 2014 recipients recognized

Scott Kloeck-Jenson 2014 046

In memory of Scott Kloeck-Jenson, a UW-Madison Global Studies Scholar dedicated to global peace and justice, Global Studies awards the SKJ International Internship Fellowships to support graduate students interested in undertaking practitioner internships on social justice issues and the International Pre-Dissertation Travel Fellowships to support overseas travel to potential field research sites for doctoral students whose dissertations include social justice elements.

Kloeck-Jenson had been working on his dissertation in political science at UW-Madison, but on June 23, 1999, he, his wife Barbara, and their two children, Zoe and Noah, were killed in a car accident in South Africa. These grants bearing his name honor his commitment to international understanding and research that serves social justice concerns.

On Monday, October 6, the 2014 SKJ Fellowship recipients were recognized at a luncheon, which was attended by Ken and Marlys Jenson, Kloeck-Jenson’s parents, and Kloeck-Jenson’s brother, Paul Jenson.

At the event, Ken Jenson (pictured here) spoke about his son’s legacy, and the recipients talked about the work supported by the SKJ Fellowships.

Click here to see more photos from the luncheon.

Kerry G. Hill