SKJ Day of Service: Celebrate the Spirit of Scott Kloeck-Jenson

During October 4-11, 2009, UW-Madison’s Global Studies invites you to volunteer your work with a social justice organization in your community in recognition of Scott Kloeck-Jenson, a Global Studies scholar who devoted his life and work to furthering global peace and justice.

This free event allows participants to receive an SKJ Day of Service T-shirt for registering and sharing stories of your work. Interested volunteers can review a list of organizations looking for assistance as well as suggestions and resources to find community groups (whether it’s Madison, Mequon, or Mumbai).

Organizations interested in hosting volunteers during October 4-11, are encouraged to contact Global Studies or complete our online form with information on the organization and its particular needs (we’ll send along additional details and help match your organization with the right volunteers). This week is sponsored by Global Studies. To learn more about this celebration, visit the Web site, e-mail at, or call 608-265-6070.