Spring 2023 Wisconsin International Scholar graduates share their experiences and aspirations

The Wisconsin International Scholars (WISc) Program is an undergraduate honors enrichment program that students enroll in before they begin their freshman year at UW–Madison. The program supports students from all majors who wish to add an international dimension to their studies. International Scholars commit to a common core of course work, participate in internationally-minded meetings and events, and can take advantage of study abroad grants to take their WISc experience beyond the United States.

As the spring semester comes to a close, many WIScholars look forward to graduating and sharing their commitment to being global citizens in their various ventures. WISc students shared their thoughts on both the WISc program and their future plans below:


Anastasia Griggs, Biology 

“While on campus I dedicated time to working in a pediatric oncology lab, volunteering at a local adult day center, and trying as many of Madison’s yummy, local bakeries as possible. This summer I’ll be working as a patient care assistant in the neurology department at Mayo Clinic and applying to medical school. My favorite memories from being a WIScholar are the guest speakers who talked about diverse topics. There was never a boring meeting!” 




Sophia Hicks, Global Health and Spanish 

“I will be teaching English in a primary school in Panama next fall. I interned with the school this past year and am excited to teach in-person! I will also be applying to law school and (fingers crossed) attending the following year. I’ve loved the WISc picnics on lakeshore, the retreats and getting to know all of the wonderful individuals that make up the program.” 




Julia Lane, International Studies with a certificate in Business

“After graduation I am moving back to Chicago and will be pursuing a career in consulting or marketing. A highlight of my undergraduate career was hosting my mentor Elizabeth Shackelford from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs at a WISc community gathering in the fall. I truly loved attending WISc events andthe WISc freshman seminar class. I will always cherish the WISc program.”



Danielle Lennon, History and Psychology with a certificate in Southeast Asian Studies

“After graduation I intend to work as a research coordinator for a psychology lab either within the UW system or the VA. Following this, I plan on attending graduateschool for social work. I think my favorite WISc memories has been attending events with Ashley (now an alumni) who I am still friends with since my freshman year.”



Nelson May, Agricultural and Applied Economics with a certificate in Sustainability

“After graduation I will be heading to Chicago where I will be working as an energy efficiency project manager. Some of my favorite WISc memories include presenting and sharing my study abroad experiences during the spring retreat. I enjoyed being able to answer questions about my experiences studying abroad and hopefully encouraging others to do the same.”




Mateo Peralta, Consumer Behavior and Market Place Studies with certificates in DigitalStudies and Entrepreneurship

“The WISC program has easily been one of the most valuable experiences throughout my time here, and I will forever be grateful for the people I met and the connections I made. Following COVID, I have spent the majority of my free time working as a sports supervisor at UW-Madison RecWell, where I was named the 2021-22 Supervisor of the Year. Upon graduation, I plan on returning home to Minneapolis to pursue a career in the digital marketing field. In the long term, I would like to work in Minneapolis to expand access and affordability of extracurricular, recreational, and technological services for youth.” 




David Turicek, Microbiology and Spanish

“After graduation I’ll be pursuing a PhD in Immunology at Washington University in St. Louis. My favorite WISc memory is hosting Daniel and David to celebrate Thanksgiving together during our first year.”





Ashely Cornwell (Dec. 2022), Political Science and International Studies with a certificate in Environmental Studies

“I will be coaching football and completing another NFL internship this fall. WISc allowed me to grow my global perspective and engage with a broader community which helps me connect and mentor players of all backgrounds. I used this knowledge and background with the NFLs International Player Pathway Program and helped mentor international athletes who will play for the NFL this upcoming season.”



Dana Craig (Dec. 2022), English and Political Science with a certificate in Public Policy 

“I am currently working for the La Follette School of Public Affairs on a variety of projects under LFS Director Susan Yackee. The WISc program was such an important catalyst in encouraging me to push out of my comfort zone and study abroad (best. decision. ever.). I loved spending my college career in a smart, funny, and supportive community that’s committed to looking at the world through many lenses. I know that I’m walking out of my time as a WISc scholar as a better and more empathetic global thinker than I was on my first day. I’m so grateful for that!”