Study Abroad at UW-Madison: The First Fifty Years

In the 1940s, UW-Madison sent students to India on one of the country’s first study abroad opportunities. Today, 17 percent of UW-Madison students participate in study abroad, service learning, and academic internship possibilities–much higher than the national average.

The Division of International Studies is proud to announce the launch of, ‘I’ll Remember This Trip:’ Fifty years of study abroad at UW-Madison, the first comprehensive history of UW-Madison’s progressive and strong tradition of sending students overseas for educational training.

Authored by former UW-Madison Director of International Academic Programs and Associate Dean of the Division of International Studies Joan A. Raducha, the publication includes historical photos, archival research, and oral interviews. And it provides a blueprint for the years of international educational experiences to come.

Download a pdf of the book here.