UW Advance gives international students a taste of American life, culture, and academics

Lunch was just one of the reasons 44 undergraduates from China gathered at the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Carson Gulley Center on Oct. 13. They enjoyed a warm meal, but celebrating UW Advance was the first item on the menu.

UW Advance is a new program that immerses international college students in American culture and academics for four weeks. Students develop skills such as leadership and interpersonal communication while learning about the latest trends in science, technology, education, and business. Throughout it all, they practice written and conversational English.

The event honored the program’s first cohort, who received a warm sendoff from teachers, advisors, and Jeff Russell, dean of Continuing Studies and vice provost for lifelong learning. The next day, the students returned to their academic homes, Ningbo University and Zhejiang Normal University.

Russell told the students they’ll always be welcome at UW–Madison and urged them to stay connected. He also thanked them for bringing the Wisconsin Idea to life.

“We want people from around the world to come here and share their lives with us. We learn from you as you learn from us, and we hope you’ll leave a special place in your hearts for the University of Wisconsin and Madison,” he said.

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