UW-Madison Observes International Education Week

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UW-Madison Observes International Education Week

Over a dozen talks, gallery tours, conferences, and first-run foreign films
will mark International Education Week on the UW-Madison campus, November 14-18,
2005. IEW, a joint initiative of the U.S. Departments of State and Education,
celebrates the benefits of international education and promotes various educational
programs around the world.

Among the highlights of the week will be:

  • Talks by Walter Cutler, former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia
  • The pre-release
    screening of the German film “Sophie Scholl – The
    Final Days” and a roundtable discussion with its director
  • A series
    of conversations surrounding the exhibit, “Weavings of
    War: Fabrics of Memory”
  • An international children’s literature conference
    featuring four internationally-acclaimed authors
  • A conference on doing business
    in India
  • Plus presentations on the Mongol empire, the challenge of nuclear
    North Korea, migrant workers in China, social stability and labor mobility
    in Europe,
    women and social entrepreneurship in India.

The events are sponsored by member programs of the International
the Institute’s research circles and other campus units. Established
jointly by the Division of International
and the College of Letters
and Science
in 1996, the International Institute is the UW campus’ “portal
to the world,” with sixteen member programs promoting in-depth knowledge
of societies, cultures, economies, and languages of countries and world regions.
Eight of the Institute’s programs are federally funded national resource
centers, a record number in the U.S.

For a listing of events, click
or for updates visit our calendar at http://www.international.wisc.edu/news/

For more information on IEW, go to http://iew.state.gov