UW–Madison Receives Federal Grant for Middle East Studies

The Middle East Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to increase expertise among students and faculty on this strategically important region. The grant will allow UW–Madison to expand the available pool of knowledge of Middle East languages and cultures across the campus.

“This grant allows the Middle East Studies Program to meet the demands from undergraduate students wanting more and higher language and culture programs,” said Uli Schamiloglu, Director of Middle East Studies. “Not only can we now meet these demands but we can also provide a strong dependable resource for a better understanding the region.”

With the grant the Middle East Studies program plans to develop advanced Colloquial Arabic courses as well as regularize the offering of three levels of Persian. It also plans to enhance the Persian summer immersion program and expand in its study-abroad programs for students. The program will reach out to the campus and community by improving their resources in library holdings, films, speakers, and faculty development grants. It will also create relationships with institutions in the Arabic world that will strengthen its resource base and available opportunities for students.

The Department of Education awards Title VI A funding to develop, enhance, and apply international undergraduate programs to strengthen and advance foreign languages and studies.