UW-Madison Students Winners of Fulbright, Boren Awards

DATE: October 5, 2005
CONTACT: Erin Crawley, Ph.D., Fellowships Advisor, UW-Madison International Institute,
Phone: (608) 262 9632, fellow@intl-institute.wisc.edu


Madison, WI – Over 30 UW-Madison students have received major scholastic awards for international study, the International Institute of the University of Wisconsin-Madison announced today. Ten students were awarded Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad grants (DDRA) and 19 students the Fulbright-Institute of International Education (IIE) Grants for Graduate Study and Research Abroad. Four students were awarded National Security Education Program (NSEP) Boren fellowships. The awards programs are highly competitive. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, UW-Madison ranks seventh among top research institution producers of Fulbright awards for American students.

The DDRA awards, administered by the U.S. Department of Education, are intended
to support full-time dissertation research abroad and contribute to the development
and improvement of the study of modern foreign languages and area studies.
One hundred and fifty Fulbright-Hays DDRA grants were awarded nationally
this year. The names of the UW-Madison DDRA recipients, the countries where
will study, their grant awards, and their field of study are:

  • Paul Bjerk (Tanzania, $31,459, History)
  • Kelley Cormier (Kyrgyzstan, $24,023,
    Agricultural Economics)
  • Erick Danzer (Indonesia, $23,014, Political Science)
  • Sangeeta Desai (India,
    $25,710, Languages and Cultures of Asia)
  • Diana Finnegan (India, $25,374,
    Languages and Cultures of Asia)
  • James Hoesterey (Indonesia, $23,994, Anthropology)
  • Daniel Magaziner (South
    Africa, $32,184, History)
  • Sarah Robert (Argentina, $52,338, Educational
    Policy Studies)
  • Anna Senarslan (Azerbaijan, $47,359, Languages and Cultures
    of Asia)
  • David Weber (Russia, $30,660, Anthropology)

The IIE awards are given to graduating seniors and graduate students for
study and research abroad in academic fields, and for professional training
in the
creative and performing arts. About one thousand such grants are extended
nationally. UW-Madison students or graduates who are recipients of the
Fulbright IIE grants

  • Alicia Bales (Medical Sciences, Nepal)
  • Devin Biggs (Environmental Studies,
  • James Bowen (Political Science, Ecuador)
  • Casey Dinger (Scandinavian Languages
    and Literature, Iceland)
  • Sam Edwinson (Germanic Languages and Literature,
  • Genya Ehrling (Environmental Studies, Germany)
  • Amanda Flaata (Art and Architectural
    History, Greece)
  • David Flynn (Biology, France)
  • Steven Krause (Germanic Languages and Literature,
  • Kiley Larson (Scandinavian Languages and Literature, Iceland)
  • Kevin McGahan (Political Science, Malaysia)
  • Kjerstin Moody (Scandinavian Languages and
    Literature, Finland)
  • Mark Nance (Political Science, Belgium/Luxemburg)
  • Molly Peeney (East European
    Languages and Literature, Czech Republic)
  • Robert Phillips (South Asian Languages
    and Literature, India)
  • Toni Pressley-Sanon (African Languages and Literature,
  • Naaborko Sackeyfio (African History, Ghana)
  • Meredith Schuman (Biology, Germany)
  • Damian Wampler (Area Studies, Kyrguz

In addition, four UW-Madison students have been awarded National Security
Education Program (NSEP) Boren fellowships. The scholarships, named after former
Oklahoma Senator David Boren, are funded through the National Security Education
Program, established by the National Security Education Act of 1991. NSEP was
designed to provide U.S. undergraduates with the resources and encouragement
to acquire skills and experience in countries and areas of the world critical
to national security. NSEP was especially intended to support students who
plan to make a commitment to federal service. The UW-Madison students who have
received these awards are:

  • Henry Brock (Engineering, Japan)
  • Scott Kleinmann (Southeast Asian Studies, Indonesia)
  • Natalie Oldani (International Public Affairs, Croatia)
  • Jennifer Ziemke (Political Science, Angola)