UW-Madison’s ‘African Storyteller’ premieres on ResearchChannel

On June 18, the ResearchChannel began airing “The Storyteller with Professor Harold Scheub,” the story of Sheub’s remarkable experience with African storytellers.

Forty years ago, Scheub, a professor of African languages and literature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, walked thousands of miles along the southeastern coast of Africa recording native storytellers of the Xhosa, Swati, Ndebele and Zulu peoples.

In this program, Scheub tells the story of his journey and of the storytellers through his original photography, video and audio recordings. View the program on demand.

This program is a single channel video delivered via the Web using eTEACH. eTEACH is a new technology developed at UW-Madison that allows instructors to create dynamic and engaging course presentations that sync PowerPoint with audio and/or video.

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