Post-event Media: UW Partnership with Qatar University Continues with Lecture on the Islamic View of Other Religions

On October 26, Dean Aisha Yousuf Al-Mannai, from Qatar University, delivered the lecture “Islam’s View of Other Religions” to a standing room only audience of students, faculty, staff, and friends from the community. The lecture was in Arabic, and translated into English by Elkheir E. Elkheir.

Last December, Vice Provost Bousquet, who introduced Dean Al-Mannai, traveled to Doha to attend the MOU signing ceremony between UW-Madison and Qatar University. Dean Al-Mannai’s visit was a continuation of the growing partnership between UW-Madison and Qatar University.

Photos by Pauline Zhu, Division of International Studies

More About Dean Al-Mannai
Professor Al-Mannai is the current dean of the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies at Qatar University. She is the first woman to assume such a title, which is considered as a religious position by many people in the Gulf and the Arab countries.

Dean Al-Mannai began her career in Islamic theology and philosophy at Qatar University, earning a Bachelor of Islamic Sharia and Bachelor of Education. She earned her master’s degree in Islamic theology and her doctorate in philosophy from Al-Aazhar University. And her interests include teaching Islamic philosophy, religions, Islamic mysticism, modern Islamic thought and reasoning, interfaith dialogue, and peaceful coexistence.