What does the rainforest sound like? A new children’s ebook by UW-Madison professor Zuzana Buřivalová explores the soundscape of Borneo’s rainforest

Deep in Borneo’s rainforest, among the 10,000 species of plants and a canopy of trees, one might hear the growl of a Clouded leopard, the howl of an orangutan, or the call of the Rhinoceros hornbill. While the animals are illusive to the eye, their sounds echo through the forest; which is exactly why Zuzana Buřivalová, an assistant professor with the Nelson Institute Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE) and the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, uses soundscape to study biodiversity in rainforests around the world. Now, she is sharing what she has learned through an illustrated children’s e-book called, What does the rainforest sound like? A Sound Forest Lab Story.

This book includes detailed illustrations and the accompanying sounds of common as well as rare animals heard throughout the Borneo rainforest. Meant to be an eye-catching and ear-catching, educational tool, the book is ideal for ages six to 12, but will capture the attention of anyone interested in the sights and sounds of the rainforest.

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