[WPR] UW-Madison Maintains Participation in Study Abroad Programs

Wisconsin Public Radio — November 22, 2010

“UW-Madison Maintains Participation in Study Abroad Programs”

The worldwide economic downtown hasn’t put a big dent in college study abroad programs. An annual study shows a slight decline in U.S. students participating; however UW-Madison ranked 8th for participation.

Students coming to the U.S. and those going abroad can be a barometer for how good or bad the economy is; it costs money to travel. For that reason, this year’s Open Doors report released by the Institute of International Education was eagerly anticipated.

UW Madison didn’t have double digit increases as in years past, but the number of those studying abroad did go up by .6 percent when comparing last academic year (2008-09) to the one before. Money is just one potential deterrent, says Rob Howell, who directs International Academic Programs at UW Madison. He says they’ve had to contend with the H1N1 outbreak in Mexico, and also the violence related to the drug cartels in the country’s northern provinces.

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