[WSJ] More International Students Enrolling at UW-Madison

Wisconsin State Journal (August 6, 2010) —  “On Campus: More International Students Enrolling at University of Wisconsin-Madison” by Deborah Ziff

Expect the incoming freshman class at UW-Madison to have a little more international flavor.

After getting a 21 percent increase in international applicants, the college is expecting about 100 more international students to enroll this year. That means 519 incoming students will be foreign.

That’s a trend that is playing out at other colleges, such as the University of Iowa, which has also seen a large growth in foreign students, according an article in the New York Times.

But unlike Iowa, which will have a bigger freshman class than anticipated, UW-Madison is on track for a target class of 5,700, said Adele Brumfield, UW-Madison’s new admissions director.

Brumfield said 6,125 students have put down deposits, but she said past experience shows that enough students will likely drop within the first eight weeks to bring the total to where they want it.

UW-Madison’s tuition for non-residents – which at $24,300 is low compared to private schools – makes UW-Madison appealing to out-of-state and international students, Brumfield said.

UW-Madison has not recruited students out of the country, but Chancellor Biddy Martin’s turn through China this spring likely raised UW-Madison’s profile.

“Because our star is rising, more students are looking at us,” Brumfield said.

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