University of Wisconsin–Madison

Awards poise students for “life-changing experiences” abroad

Andrea Martel and Joseph Elder
Jaclyn Thoma and Olivia Smith
Jaclyn Thoma and Olivia Smith received the Great People-International Studies Scholarship at the 2017 International Division Scholarship Award Ceremony.

“If you go into an experience knowing a lot, you will return knowing even more.”

School of Education Dean Diana Hess offered these words of advice to during  the 2017 International Division Scholarship Award Ceremony. Members of the university community, along with family members and donors, gathered in the Gordon Dining and Event Center on December 5 to celebrate the latest cohort of students receiving awards to study, intern, and research abroad.

Hess remarked that even though the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a top university for students participating in study abroad programs and other international experiences, it is still rare for students to travel outside of the United States. She called the programs “incredible privileges” and encouraged students to take full advantage of their experiences and allow others to learn through them once they return.

Associate Dean Richard Keller delivered remarks on behalf of the International Division. Keller offered words of congratulations to the students on what he was sure would be “life-changing experiences.” He also noted that many of the programs were only possible through the outstanding generosity of donors, who provided funds to support many of the awards.

A full list of recipients is below. View or download all recipient photos.

Worldwide Internship Program Grant

Katrina Bell

Lorelai Caylor

Lauren Davidson

Olivia Fountaine

Chloe Kirk

Promega International Scientific Internship Award

Sydney Roberts

SCAN Design Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship

Eva Branson

Brittany Dunnum

Arika Feils

Olivia Fountaine

Sophia Frank

Leo Gabrek

Carolyn Hamburg

Matthew Hansen

Rachel Heidenreich

Julia Mauser

Mark Morrison

Hannah Patzer

Sara Tabatabai

Bryce Willaby

O.N. & E.K. Allen Memorial Study Abroad Internship Grant

Sydney Courrier-Oaster

Neil & Audrey Barrows Study Abroad Scholarship

Bailey Spiegelberg

Biochemistry Study Abroad Scholarship

Kathryn Jeddeloh

William F. Renk Study Abroad Scholarship

Enrique Avila

Maryjane Behm

Emily Daykin

Emma Kobitter

Caitlin McCrory

Hannah Nelson

Alex Orzepowski

Christine Rinehart

Rosemary Rogers

Ashlynn Timmerman

Douglas D. Sorenson Study Abroad Scholarship

Clare Gietzel

Olivia Ondracek

Savannah Williams

George E. Shook International Study Abroad Scholarship

Jessica Mehre

Allen Memorial Endowment for Daughters of Demeter Study Abroad Scholarship

Jake Cavaiani

Jessica Strosahl

School of Education Lois E. Hack Study Abroad Scholarship

Carly Winner

Bryan Davia Memorial Scholarship

Samuel Bertsch

Cerk Family Fund for Study Abroad

Christian Avina

Samuel Monnat

Bodi Yang

Chou Kuo-Ping Scholarship

Gabrielle Li

Katherine Seitelman

Linda Zheng

Great People—International Studies Scholarship

Keilaa-Demi De La Cruz

Felissa Hong

Madelyn Lensing

Olivia Smith

Megan Stencel

Jaclyn Thoma

IAP Graduate & Professional Student Study Abroad Scholarship

Wanjing Chen

Qing He

Liangfei Ye

IAP WISc Scholarship

Eva Branson

Elisa Guerrero

Amber Heffernan

Sarah Ketterhagen

LACIS-Nave Scholarship

Cecilia Soto

Study Abroad Alumni Scholarships

Hannah Gordon

Martha Kupfer

Andrea Martel

Timothy Prestby

Johannah Ranous

Morton and Lena G. Wax Scholarship

Johannah Ranous

Dorothy E. Paull Fund

Lauren Davidson

Nicole Stephan

FIGs Study Abroad Scholarship

Macie Brogan

Mayte Berg

MacKenzie Debbink

Lauren Dirnberger

Hannah Flemke

Meghan Kehoe

Jakizisha McKinney-Bell

Jose Rodriguez

Rita Simpson

Allison Slager

Catherine Vickerman

George and Lisa McReddie International Scholarship

Alaina Eckert

Val Shepperd Memorial Scholarship Fund

Alyssa Bren

IAP French Embassy Scholarship

Cora Schoofs

Joseph Blommer

Cassandra Duernberger

Kristin Ehlert

Molly Mapstone

Norway Chapter Scholarship

Olivia Anton

Joseph Elder Scholarship

Andrea Martel

Julie and Michael Gerend Scholarship

Kyle Sandow

Mary and Wilbert DuPont Fund Scholarship

Kristin Dachelet

Geena Yum

Study Abroad Scholars Scholarship

Nicole Adrian

Thalia Alarcon

Cole Anderson

Emily Atseff

Jamie Bang

Joshua Baumgartner

Samantha Block

Kelsey Bull

Liz Cardinal

Manuel Cerda

Katelyn Champoux

Jackie Chang

Melina Chavarria

Elisebeth Doty

Isabella Fratto

Peyton Frohna

Eliza Godfrey

Tayler Gospodarek

Grace Hayes

Kayla Hui

Emily Hutchins

Jason Klein

Claudia Koechell

Olivia Kossel

Reilly Kroiss

Jeffery Kurzman

Michelle Lam

Julia Lettenberger

Gabrielle Li

Mark Maier

Christian Memmo

Andres Mendez

Justine Mischka

Denise Mohrbacher

Kent Mok

Selina Moy

Robin Mwai

Belle Nelson

Jacqueline O’Boyle

Jordan Owen

Magdalen Palzewicz

Tyler Peterka

Mikayla Pittman

Erin Plummer

Casey Posda

Morgan Precour

Eliett Rakower

Olivia Rauls

Haley Ring

Ryan Risgaard

Shannon Ryan

Ashley Schoen

Lydia Schultz

Ian Segel

Allison Slager

Nathan Stack

Ronald Steinhoff

Brianna Stolte

Ashley Summers

Rachel Sweet

Claire VanValkenburg

Danielle Vrba

Michelle Weil

Elisabeth Weir

Emma Winans

Haley Winckler