Catch up with . . . Kristin Kohlmann BS’13 Genetics and Global Health Certificate

Kristin Kohlmann has a passion for keeping children healthy and well-fed. And to make it happen, she found the perfect partner with Project Peanut Butter, a nonprofit that works to treat the most extreme form of malnutrition in children in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Kohlmann first connected with Project Peanut Butter in 2016 while working for Washington University as a field research coordinator in Ghana and then in Malawi. There, she saw firsthand how effective food therapy can help kids grow and stay healthy.

Project Peanut Butter uses ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) — a protein-rich, peanut butter-like paste that can be employed in homes — as an affordable treatment for malnutrition. RUTF has higher success rates than traditional milk-based formulas and has been instrumental in Kohlmann’s work. For her efforts, Kohlmann received a 2019 Forward Under 40 Award from the Wisconsin Alumni Association.

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